Car Dealer Insider Apr 15, 2008
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Car Dealer Insider Apr 15, 2008

The Road to the Sale - AutoExcavations program helps dealership sales reps "dig for dollars"

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The Road to the Sale - AutoExcavations program helps dealership sales reps "dig for dollars"

The final and most neglected step on any dealership's Road to the Sale is prospecting. That's not because it's hard for dealership salespeople to know "whom" to call or "when", but because there is rarely a good reason "why" to call. What's the offer? What's the value story? Without a reason for the contact, rejection rates are painfully high and salespeople, even those with thick skins, eventually learn to shy away from the task and wait for another walk-in showroom "up."

Salespeople in every industry refer to prospecting as "Digging for Dollars." Programs like Gold Digger and Gold Mine play on that imagery and they are effective as far as they go. But these programs are not specific to the auto retailing business and, until now, no automated approach has developed a good value story for prospects, the "why" of the contact.

Car Dealer Insider has always held DMS advisor Sandi Jerome in high regard. Drawing on her deep experience with dealership operations, especially in the technology area, Sandi provides dealership managers with useful hands-on advice for increasing profits by improving processes. So we were intrigued... _(188 of 753 words)

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