Car Dealer Insider Aug 1, 2007
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Car Dealer Insider Aug 1, 2007

To VoIP or not to VoIP

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To VoIP or not to VoIP

DealersEdge called up a couple of telecom consultants we've spoken with in the past - Rich Calusine and Phil Liberty. Voice over Internet Protocol phone communications - or VoIP, for short, is the first thing both of them mentioned. But is the technology - which converts voice information into digital packets which are sent over a high-speed Internet connection and then converted back into analog signals - right for you? The answer, we learned, isn't so simple.

The benefits Rich, a Connecticut-based consultant with Abilita (, a full-service telecom consulting firm with over 40 offices across North America, says that VoIP is the top thing to look at now for lowering costs and increasing productivity.

"The ROI curve that shows its cost effective (savings) to shift to VoIP is constantly shifting in favor of increasingly smaller businesses," he says.

"I have two car dealer clients for whom it is now a savings benefit to change over. At the same time, the QOS (Quality-of-Serviceā€¦or 'how does it sound') has taken quantum leaps recently. I could not confidently make these recommendations only a year ago," says Rich. Rich, who tells us he began his foray into this area based on success stories of other Abilita consultants, recently submitted a VoIP recommendation to a client who signed it and is now awaiting installation. His other client is still studying it. VoIP can offer a number of benefits for auto dealers, especially those with multiple locations, Rich explains. First, it can greatly extend the ability for a dealership to turn a geographically long-distance call into a local call. Depending on your situation, "it can eliminate 60 to 70 percent of in-state local charges,"... (282 of 1129 words)

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