Car Dealer Insider Aug 1, 2008
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Car Dealer Insider Aug 1, 2008

Gas break helps community today, dealership tomorrow

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Gas break helps community today, dealership tomorrow

Ninety-nine cents a gallon gasoline seems like a pipe dream to most of us - but not for the 501 customers who recently filled up at a Louisiana auto dealership. Giles Nissan in Lafayette spent 17 hours pumping more than 5,000 gallons of gas from its 12,000-gallon tank on a steamy Monday in late June.

Not only did dealer Bob Giles help community members who've been hit especially hard with runaway fuel prices, he also donated 100 percent of the proceeds from his recent promotion to the Acadiana Outreach program, a local charity for the poor and homeless.

Bob, a dealer in Lafayette for 26 years, is no stranger to giving back to a community that he says has given a lot to his business, Giles Automotive, Inc., over the years. He has brought in 18-wheelers of dry ice to give away to local residents after hurricanes and power outages. He also paid for buses so local soldiers who couldn't afford to come home during their leave were able to do so before shipping out to Iraq.

Bob's recent gas promotion was capped at 10 gallons per vehicle - but that didn't deter traffic. Some customers waited in the line, which stretched one to two miles, for as long as four to five hours. When asked why they'd wait so long, "many customers said it made a... (228 of 910 words)

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