Car Dealer Insider Jul 1, 2006
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Car Dealer Insider Jul 1, 2006

Management tools 12-step process for maximizing results from your Business Development Center

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Management tools 12-step process for maximizing results from your Business Development Center

Business Development Centers (Business Development Center) have been around for a decade or so in some auto dealerships. _Car Dealer Insider has been covering the topic for at least that long, and an increasing number of dealers are turning to them in hopes of grabbing sales, growing profits and improving CSI. But simply having a Business Development Center does not ensure success. In fact, the majority of automotive Business Development Centers are abandoned in less than two years, says Dave Hein, president and CEO of Business Development Center Management Group, an Ohio-based firm that has installed approximately 250 Business Development Centers in dealer-ships across the country. That's too bad because well-run Business Development Centers are emerging as the linchpin for dealership Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation technologies.

What sets apart the success stories from the flops? Mr. Hein, who recently conducted a _DealersEdge/Car Dealer Insider audio conference on Business Development Centers, says there are many things - from proper planning and execution, to ongoing training and analysis of quantifiable metrics. Here are an even dozen of his suggestions for dealers looking to launch, re-launch, or tweak their Business Development Centers.

-Define your objectives. Look at your weakest areas - in other words, what's costing you the most in lost opportunity. Is it in Sales? Service? Are you most concerned with phone-ups, Internet leads, showroom follow-up, CSI, service scheduling, owner follow-up, direct mail? Don't select too many objectives at once or you'll create staff burnout... (247 of 988 words)

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