Car Dealer Insider July 1, 2008
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Car Dealer Insider July 1, 2008

Tips for designing a better dealership construction project

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Tips for designing a better dealership construction project

Your manufacturer is pressuring you to remodel your dealership facility in accordance with its image program. Build it and customers will come, they say. Do it their way and you'll also qualify for some nice incentives. But do you really need the extra 7,000 square feet and half dozen service bays they're pressing for

Your current dealership facility needs a fair amount of repairs and can't accommodate increasing sales and service demand in your growing community. Should you renovate and expand your outdated existing building or look for a larger piece of land and build a state-of-the-art facility from the ground up?

Car dealers across the country are trying to parlay their facility investment dollars into higher profit areas (_Car Dealer Insider, 5/1/08). But how do you negotiate with the manufacturer, weigh the costs of new construction versus remodeling, and iron out all those nitty-gritty details if construction is not your forte?

Getting started

Dealers should give themselves a minimum of three to four months for the discussion and planning process for image programs, say architects Wayne Alderman and Ken Turnell, principals and owners with Castles Design Group, a Houston-based firm that has worked on more than 200 dealership projects. Most of the time it's a two year process from the time dealers first meet with the manufacturer to the time they're sitting in their new offices, they say.

When thinking about a potential project, dealers should ask whether it would provide a short-term fix or a long-term solution, says Ken. He and Wayne also... (255 of 1020 words)

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