Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2009
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Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2009

Even in a down market, eBay Motors turns up the volume

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Even in a down market, eBay Motors turns up the volume

Here's a number to ponder: 900 units. That's approximately how many used vehicles a company called Texas Direct sold on eBay Motors just last February. Texas Direct is a used vehicle retailer that specializes in sales on eBay and, in fact, the company is the highest volume dealer on eBay Motors. But still, 900 units is a big number.

How about this: Kip Killmon Ford in Luisa, Virginia, sold just under 100 units on eBay Motors in February. Kip Killmon isn't exactly a household name outside of the northern Virginia market, but the store led all franchised dealerships on eBay Motors last month and it was first time a franchised new car dealer cracked eBay Motors' Top Ten volume dealers.

So the question begs to be asked: If Kip Killmon Ford can do 100 units on eBay, why isn't every dealership hitting those kinds of numbers?

To get the answer, we spoke with Clayton Stanfield, director of training and industry outreach for eBay Motors. The short answer, as it is with so many of these vehicle sales services, is commitment, training, and focus. Commitment from the dealer/owner and general manager and training and focus for... (195 of 779 words)

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