Car Dealer Insider Oct 1, 2006
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Car Dealer Insider Oct 1, 2006

Technically speaking

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Technically speaking

Still searching for a better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that'll help pump up your dealership's sales and/or service business? Hold it right there! Chances are good you've already got the power but don't realize it. In most cases it's not an existing CRM system that's preventing auto dealers from reaching their goals, but rather their lack of unawareness of the many different processes they should be implementing to reach out to customers in their existing databases, says Ron Fortt, vice president of business development for Cincinnati, Ohio-based Call- Command, a leading provider of communication

solutions (800-464-8500). Instead of investing even more money in technology tools, car dealers should first take stock of what they already have and look for ways to maximize the return on investment from their existing solutions, advises Mr. Fortt, a speaker at the upcoming DealersEdge CRM & Business Development Center Best Practices Conference to be held Nov. 8-9 in Atlanta. Dealers need to reach deep into their databases to pull out potential prospects, closely review their dealership processes for connecting with this audience, and then make sure that the technology they currently have is set up to accommodate this. "That's really where the rubber meets the road, says Mr. Fortt. CallCommand designs and automates this whole process to help dealers get the most out of their

existing CRM systems. "We teach dealers what communications are at their fingertips but they are ignoring. It's not enough that you have... (244 of 975 words)

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