Mastering New-Age Parts Department Management
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Mastering New-Age Parts Department Management

Chuck Hartlé's cutting edge solutions for better Parts Management in the 21st century

$298.00 - 208 pages
The document is delivered immediately, online, DRM-free, personalized, PDF format

For the past decade we've had the pleasure of working with Chuck Hartlé, one of the most respected Parts experts in the business. As many of you know, Chuck is recognized as a founder of "new-age" Parts Management. His ideas go beyond traditional approaches to inventory control and focus on maximizing technology to improve Parts profits.

The DealersEdge editors recently sat down with Chuck and asked him 50 of the toughest questions facing today's Parts Manager. His answers are compiled in an all new resource I think you'll find useful.

A sneek peek at what you'll find in 120+ idea-packed pages:

Inventory Management - It All Starts Here

  • What should I really be looking at to measure parts department performance?
  • Is there a point of diminishing return when trying to fine tune parts inventory?
  • What's the perfect balance of "width" and "depth?"

Managment Matters - Parts, People & Profits

  • How can we get parts and service managers to work together more effectively?
  • Are fill rates and level of service performance really under the parts manager's control?
  • What do I do when the financial statement and management reports are at odds?

Source Accounting - Technological Solutions for Improving Parts Performance

  • Are there really innovative ways to free frozen capital in my parts inventory?
  • How do I deal with inventory fluctuations when dealing with multiple manufactures?
  • What is Source Matrixing and how can it help me?

System Set Up - What's in Your DMS Toolbox?

  • Should I trust the default settings on my system?
  • How do I download a stock order from my DMS?
  • What's the best way to use Price Escalator tables?

Building Your Wholesale Parts Business - Identifying Your Market Niche

  • Any suggestions for getting more sales from my existing wholesales parts customers?
  • What can I do to differentiate my wholesale business in a competitive market?
  • Is there any way to turn parts delivery from a cost center into a revenue center?

Controllng Obsolescence & Excess Inventory

  • What's the difference between excess and obsolete inventory?
  • How to I get rid of excess inventory without crushing my bottom line?
  • Can you give me a definition of "emergency" purchase that my staff will understand?

Nuts & Bolts - Chuck Hartlé on the Future of Dealership Parts Management

  • Do traditional parts return methods make sense?
  • How do I set up a bulk oil or tire program?
  • What is "stock netting" and will it help profits?

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