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Car Dealer Insider Jun 1, 2007

Car Dealer Insider Jun 1, 2007 - Proper planning can help make or break a successful buy-sell

PROPER PLANNING CAN HELP MAKE OR BREAK A SUCCESSFUL BUY-SELL Whether you're feeling pressured to sell - or whether you have the optimism, energy and financial wherewithal to hunt for buying opportunities - there's a lot you need to understand and negotiate before you begin the buy-sell process. Even if buying or selling isn't in your near-term plans, you still owe it to yourself to be ready for the...

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Car Dealer Insider Nov 1, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Nov 1, 2006 - Hiring winners

HIRING WINNERS Shortly before Rick Jones was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1990, his father told the service manager at the dealership where he got his truck serviced that his son, an experienced mechanic, would be coming home and would need a job. Mr. Jones, who served six years in the U.S. Air Force, spent close to four years as a technician at that dealership in Southern New Jersey...

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Car Dealer Insider Oct 15, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Oct 15, 2006 - Tips for managing dealership cash flow

TIPS FOR MANAGING DEALERSHIP CASH FLOW There's an old joke about accountants: A car dealer is interested in hiring a new controller. He sets up interviews with three candidates. The first applicant arrives and the dealer says he has only one question: "If I have three dollars of revenue and two dollars of expense, how much profit have I made?" The candidate quickly responds, "You made one dollar...

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Car Dealer Insider Oct 1, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Oct 1, 2006 - Technically speaking

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING Still searching for a better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that'll help pump up your dealership's sales and/or service business? Hold it right there! Chances are good you've already got the power but don't realize it. In most cases it's not an existing CRM system that's preventing auto dealers from reaching their goals, but rather their lack of unawareness of...

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Car Dealer Insider Sep 15, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Sep 15, 2006 - Auto Retailing on the Web

AUTO RETAILING ON THE WEB Apparently, there is such a thing as a free lunch - at least in Google Land. The Internet search goliath is offering auto dealerships free coupon advertising on its Google Maps ( site, in an effort to get more businesses to "think Google" for local advertising. Millions of Web cruisers regularly use Google Maps to get driving directions, generate maps...

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Car Dealer Insider Jul 1, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Jul 1, 2006 - Management tools 12-step process for maximizing results from your Business Development Center

MANAGEMENT TOOLS 12-STEP PROCESS FOR MAXIMIZING RESULTS FROM YOUR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER Business Development Centers (Business Development Center) have been around for a decade or so in some auto dealerships. _Car Dealer Insider has been covering the topic for at least that long, and an increasing number of dealers are turning to them in hopes of grabbing sales, growing profits and improving...

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Car Dealer Insider Jun 15, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Jun 15, 2006 - A heads up on avoiding age discrimination claims

A HEADS UP ON AVOIDING AGE DISCRIMINATION CLAIMS Business is a little slow for car dealers these days and that means some dealers will take the unusual step of laying off productive employees. But be careful. As the average of the American workforce has risen, so have the number of age discrimination claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission. Preventing claims Age discrimination...

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Car Dealer Insider May 15, 2006

Car Dealer Insider May 15, 2006 - Four steps for preventing termination lawsuits

FOUR STEPS FOR PREVENTING TERMINATION LAWSUITS As dealership labor law expert John Donovan of Fisher & Phillips, LLC, is fond of saying, "Employment-At-Will doesn't mean what car dealers think it means anymore." To back up his assertion about At-Will employment, Mr. Donovan regales audiences with stories about the termination lawsuits former employees have filed against car dealers. Involuntary terminations...

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Car Dealer Insider May 1, 2006

Car Dealer Insider May 1, 2006 - Five essential elements in a dealership buy-sell agreement

FIVE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS IN A DEALERSHIP BUY-SELL AGREEMENT The heart of any dealership buy-sell transaction is the buy-sell agreement itself. If properly drafted, the viability and success of the deal will be greatly enhanced. If defective, it is likely the deal will die or, at a minimum, encounter unnecessary expense and delay. The following are the five essential ingredients of an effective buy-sell...

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Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2006 - How to avoid an EEOC investigation

HOW TO AVOID AN EEOC INVESTIGATION This could happen to you: Lithia Motors agreed to settle charges brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) by paying $360,000 to an Iranian car salesman who says he was called a "terrorist" and "camel jockey" by management at a one of Lithia's Oregon dealerships, according to published reports. Here are some statistics that should get car dealers...

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Car Dealer Insider Mar 1, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Mar 1, 2006 - Fixed Coverage Tips for motivating hourly techs with performance summaries

FIXED COVERAGE TIPS FOR MOTIVATING HOURLY TECHS WITH PERFORMANCE SUMMARIES The beauty of the flat-rate system is that the system itself is the motivator for technicians to turn more hours. Flag more hours and you earn more. So how do some shops cope when they have hourly or salaried technicians? This is a bigger challenge, it seems, if you are migrating off the flat-rate system; Once motivated techs...

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Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2006

Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2006 - Management matters More dealership operating guides - how do you measure up?

Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2006 MANAGEMENT MATTERS MORE DEALERSHIP OPERATING GUIDES - HOW DO YOU MEASURE UP? _Benchmark_- An operating guide or financial standard based on the performance of known industry leaders. _Best practice_ - A management technique or operating process used to achieve a benchmark. Articles in the January 15, 2006 issue of _Car Dealer Insider_ identified some of the benchmarks...

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Car Dealer Insider Nov 1, 2007

Car Dealer Insider Nov 1, 2007 - Essential Office Manager: To call, or not to call: Do Not Call listings set to expire soon

ESSENTIAL OFFICE MANAGER: TO CALL, OR NOT TO CALL: DO NOT CALL LISTINGS SET TO EXPIRE SOON It took car dealers a while to get the hang of how to comply with the National Do Not Call List which went into effect in June 2003. So what happens when millions of registered phone numbers hit their automatic five-year expiration dates and start falling off the List this June? For guidance _Dealer Business...

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Car Dealer Insider Nov 15, 2007

Car Dealer Insider Nov 15, 2007 - Lay down the law on personal laptops

LAY DOWN THE LAW ON PERSONAL LAPTOPS A recent thread on the _DealersEdge Dealers & General Managers Forum_ debated the risks of letting a salesman use his personal laptop computer to help keep up with Internet-based sales leads. The big concern: how to find a balance between protecting dealership and customer information without hampering the eager employee's enthusiasm. If you haven't had to give...

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Car Dealer Insider Dec 1, 2007

Car Dealer Insider Dec 1, 2007 - Don't delay complying with new "Red Flags" rules

DON\'T DELAY COMPLYING WITH NEW "RED FLAGS" RULES The final rules on identity theft "red flags" - scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1 - have a lot of industry experts up in arms because of the added burden they'll place on auto dealers to fight identity fraud. Some say compliance could add hours to the credit application process. Dealers - who fall under these rules issued by the Federal Trade...

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Car Dealer Insider Dec 15, 2007

Car Dealer Insider Dec 15, 2007 - Management Matters - Innovative program proves to be a cost-effective way to develop dealership managers

MANAGEMENT MATTERS - INNOVATIVE PROGRAM PROVES TO BE A COST-EFFECTIVE WAY TO DEVELOP DEALERSHIP MANAGERS Three years ago, Gail Faulkner, the owner of a group of dealerships in eastern and central Pennsylvania, was confronted with a problem that is common to large dealership groups these days. Her organization, which forms part of the larger Faulkner family of dealerships, is a buyer in today's buy-sell...

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Car Dealer Insider Jan 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Jan 1, 2008 - Find your footing in retail automotive's shifting buy-sell market

FIND YOUR FOOTING IN RETAIL AUTOMOTIVE\'S SHIFTING BUY-SELL MARKET Should I stay or should I go? Many dealers will be asking themselves that question in the New Year, contemplating an exit from an industry that is getting increasing difficult to remain profitable in. Some will find out that they are indeed better off selling than owning. But if staying in is tough, getting out could prove to be even...

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Car Dealer Insider Jan 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Jan 15, 2008 - How a Chevy dealer, on a budget, coordinated e-mail and search strategy to triple sales leads

HOW A CHEVY DEALER, ON A BUDGET, COORDINATED E-MAIL AND SEARCH STRATEGY TO TRIPLE SALES LEADS Here's the story of a New Jersey Chevrolet dealership that used triggered e-mails, search ads, a micro-site, and incentives to drive 276.7% more leads into the store. Online-generated vehicle purchases jumped more than six times. The problem The smallish Chevy store had to compete with 49 other Chevrolet...

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Car Dealer Insider Feb 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Feb 1, 2008 - What's working in dealerships

WHAT\'S WORKING IN DEALERSHIPS Strategic six pack: A half-dozen cost-cutting and profit-pumping ideas Not getting much mileage out of your usual profit making strategies? Operations so lean that you are unable to trim any more fat using your traditional expense-cutting tactics? Get used to it - and get ready to think outside the box. The automotive industry won't be rebounding anytime soon, predict...

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Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2008 - 10 dealer strategies for 2008

10 DEALER STRATEGIES FOR 2008 _It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity_ Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities _I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom._ Gen. George S. Patton Across America, auto dealers are experiencing...

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Car Dealer Insider Mar 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Mar 1, 2008 - Shifting gears: dealers crank up focus on special finance and used vehicle service retention

SHIFTING GEARS: DEALERS CRANK UP FOCUS ON SPECIAL FINANCE AND USED VEHICLE SERVICE RETENTION Optimistic is the last adjective to describe most dealers at the recent NADA Convention. Even if the economy does rebound a bit in the second half of the year as now predicted, it'll still be a long, tough road with numerous obstacles. But dealers are a resilient bunch and every one we spoke with in San Francisco...

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Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2008 - Auto group get a better grip on health insurance without squeezing employee benefits

AUTO GROUP GET A BETTER GRIP ON HEALTH INSURANCE WITHOUT SQUEEZING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS When Stan Skarda joined Southern California's Conant Auto Retail Group back in 2000, it had a fully-insured, full-indemnity health insurance program. The organization, better known as The CAR Group, was shelling out a lot of money for this coverage - and had little understanding of how it was being used by employees....

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Car Dealer Insider Apr 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Apr 1, 2008 - Gift cards still a viable dealership incentive - but do your homework!

GIFT CARDS STILL A VIABLE DEALERSHIP INCENTIVE - BUT DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Gift cards have been gaining popularity among auto dealers as a way to reward or provide incentives to employees and customers. After all, who doesn't like receiving a prepaid card to spend however you'd like. The gift card divisions of two of the nation's leading retailers, Target and Best Buy, even joined this year's NADA Convention...

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Car Dealer Insider Apr 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Apr 15, 2008 - The Road to the Sale - AutoExcavations program helps dealership sales reps "dig for dollars"

THE ROAD TO THE SALE - AUTOEXCAVATIONS PROGRAM HELPS DEALERSHIP SALES REPS "DIG FOR DOLLARS" The final and most neglected step on any dealership's Road to the Sale is prospecting. That's not because it's hard for dealership salespeople to know "whom" to call or "when", but because there is rarely a good reason "why" to call. What's the offer? What's the value story? Without a reason for the contact,...

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Car Dealer Insider May 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider May 1, 2008 - High court ruling puts onus on dealers to bone up on pension plan fiduciary duties

HIGH COURT RULING PUTS ONUS ON DEALERS TO BONE UP ON PENSION PLAN FIDUCIARY DUTIES Add one more thing to the growing list of issues that your dealership employees - or former employees - can sue you for: losses in their individual retirement plan assets. On February 20th, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that individual participants in 401(k) and other retirement plans may recover harm to...

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Car Dealer Insider May 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider May 15, 2008 - Arbitration: a friendly or frightening option for dealers?

ARBITRATION: A FRIENDLY OR FRIGHTENING OPTION FOR DEALERS? Mandatory pre-dispute arbitration agreements have become quite popular in the retail automotive world over the past five years or so, largely because they can help ward off class-action lawsuits. But are dealers generally better off under arbitration - in which an arbitrator makes the final decision - instead of settling customer disputes...

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Car Dealer Insider June 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider June 1, 2008 - Buy Here, Pay Here to shine amid sub-prime mess

BUY HERE, PAY HERE TO SHINE AMID SUB-PRIME MESS The subprime lending crisis and sluggish economy is creating havoc for many auto dealers. Consumers struggle to make mortgage payments, secure financing, and pay the bills are leaving little money in the pot for big-ticket purchases like new vehicles. But the escalating gloom and doom could help score a nice win for buy here, pay here (BHPH) dealers...

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Car Dealer Insider June 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider June 15, 2008 - Focusing on the people picture helps boosts dealership buy-sell success

FOCUSING ON THE PEOPLE PICTURE HELPS BOOSTS DEALERSHIP BUY-SELL SUCCESS When automotive advisors M.D. Johnson, Inc. assisted in the liquidation of a dealership not long ago, vice president and analyst Debbie Cupples went into the dealership and helped employees write resumes. Customers stopped by too during the last week of operations "like they were losing one of their dearest friends" and asked...

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Car Dealer Insider July 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider July 1, 2008 - Tips for designing a better dealership construction project

TIPS FOR DESIGNING A BETTER DEALERSHIP CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Your manufacturer is pressuring you to remodel your dealership facility in accordance with its image program. Build it and customers will come, they say. Do it their way and you'll also qualify for some nice incentives. But do you really need the extra 7,000 square feet and half dozen service bays they're pressing for Your current dealership...

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Car Dealer Insider July 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider July 15, 2008 - Dealership pay plans in a down market

DEALERSHIP PAY PLANS IN A DOWN MARKET The mid-1980s were great years for car dealers, regardless of franchise. Profits were plentiful and dealership managers shared in the bounty if their pay plans were heavily weighted toward commissions and bonuses. By the late 1980s, however, the auto retailing landscape had changed dramatically. Vehicle sales tumbled and dealers were left with a quandary: Mangers...

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Car Dealer Insider Aug 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Aug 1, 2008 - Gas break helps community today, dealership tomorrow

GAS BREAK HELPS COMMUNITY TODAY, DEALERSHIP TOMORROW Ninety-nine cents a gallon gasoline seems like a pipe dream to most of us - but not for the 501 customers who recently filled up at a Louisiana auto dealership. Giles Nissan in Lafayette spent 17 hours pumping more than 5,000 gallons of gas from its 12,000-gallon tank on a steamy Monday in late June. Not only did dealer Bob Giles help community...

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Car Dealer Insider Aug 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Aug 15, 2008 - If hanging tough in a down market is Plan A, what's your Plan B?

IF HANGING TOUGH IN A DOWN MARKET IS PLAN A, WHAT\'S YOUR PLAN B? _News item: Larry Van Tuyl purchased Chapman Lincoln Mercury and nearby Mel Clayton Ford and combined them into a single store in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Van Tuyl did not take on the Mel Clayton employees or assume any of the businesses liabilities. Source: Arizona Republic News item: The Forbes Chevrolet dealership near Harrisburg,...

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Car Dealer Insider Sep 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Sep 1, 2008 - Get onboard with Red Flags Rule compliance today!

GET ONBOARD WITH RED FLAGS RULE COMPLIANCE TODAY! By November 1st, every auto dealership that maintains consumer credit and business credit is required under the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rule to develop and implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program that can help detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft. Hopefully you've already started working on yours. If not, you've no...

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Car Dealer Insider Sep 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Sep 15, 2008 - Which traits predict on-the-job success in a car dealership? - Psychologists explore how personality affects ability to perform well on the job

WHICH TRAITS PREDICT ON-THE-JOB SUCCESS IN A CAR DEALERSHIP? - PSYCHOLOGISTS EXPLORE HOW PERSONALITY AFFECTS ABILITY TO PERFORM WELL ON THE JOB There's an old saying to the effect that it's better to be lucky than smart. But psychologists are proving the adage wrong. They say top performers are likely to be smart and demonstrate certain key personality characteristics. And nowhere is this more important...

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Car Dealer Insider Oct 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Oct 1, 2008 - With a change in administration coming, car dealers should heed advice to review estate plans

WITH A CHANGE IN ADMINISTRATION COMING, CAR DEALERS SHOULD HEED ADVICE TO REVIEW ESTATE PLANS Here's a wake-up call for car dealers across the country. With the presidential election just weeks away and a guaranteed change at the top, it's essential to get your estate plans in order as soon as possible, says Hugh Roberts, a partner and director with The Rawls Group, a business succession planning...

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Car Dealer Insider Oct 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Oct 15, 2008 - More car dealers going back to the body shop to find profits

MORE CAR DEALERS GOING BACK TO THE BODY SHOP TO FIND PROFITS _News item: Criswell Performance Cars of Annapolis will be opening a new $7 million body shop this fall. Source: The Capitol, Annapolis _News item: The Harte Auto Group with a number of dealership locations, mostly in Connecticut, will increase the size of its body shop in Hartford from 1,800 square feet with a newly renovated space of...

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Car Dealer Insider Nov 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Nov 1, 2008 - Dealers implement energy savings solutions for assorted budgets

DEALERS IMPLEMENT ENERGY SAVINGS SOLUTIONS FOR ASSORTED BUDGETS Some car dealers looking to cut energy costs and leave less of a carbon footprint are going ecofriendly with a splash, unveiling new buildings. Others are finding smaller, affordable ways to do the same thing by retrofitting their existing facilities. On Oct. 13, Mark Miller Toyota of Salt Lake City celebrated the grand opening of its...

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Car Dealer Insider Nov 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Nov 15, 2008 - Dealer traffic, used vehicle values poised to pick up in post-election period

DEALER TRAFFIC, USED VEHICLE VALUES POISED TO PICK UP IN POST-ELECTION PERIOD President-elect Barack Obama has a long road ahead of him to help fix the U.S.'s financial woes and other troubles, but having the election behind us - coupled with lower gasoline prices - could help resuscitate dealership traffic that's been nearly dead in recent weeks. "Regardless of anyone's political affiliation, the...

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Car Dealer Insider Dec 1, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Dec 1, 2008 - Dealership survival smarts: playing the new buy-sell game

DEALERSHIP SURVIVAL SMARTS: PLAYING THE NEW BUY-SELL GAME As automobile dealership profits continue to decline, banks tighten their lending, and the Detroit Three teeter on the brink of bankruptcy, two groups of dealers are rapidly expanding: those who are eager to jump ship and those who are like deer caught in headlights. But before you make any decisions - or passively accept the consequences of...

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Car Dealer Insider Dec 15, 2008

Car Dealer Insider Dec 15, 2008 - Auto dealers make sunny day investments as recession clouds linger

AUTO DEALERS MAKE SUNNY DAY INVESTMENTS AS RECESSION CLOUDS LINGER It's a delicate and difficult balancing act: figuring out how to batten down the dealership spending hatches in a recession (yes, it's now official) while still being able to sustain your business and position it for the future. At one extreme is Prestige Ford of Garland, Texas, which is spending $6 million on an extensive facilities...

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Car Dealer Insider Jan 1, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Jan 1, 2009 - Forward-thinking dealers put succession planning on front burner

FORWARD-THINKING DEALERS PUT SUCCESSION PLANNING ON FRONT BURNER The automobile industry may need a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and a defibrillator to revive it, but many lifelong dealers have no plans to lay their businesses to rest anytime soon. Their big challenge, instead, is trying to figure out how to pass their dealerships on to their children without being strangled by the death tax. ...

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Car Dealer Insider Jan 15, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Jan 15, 2009 - Management Matters - General Manager harnesses positive energy amid industry gloom

MANAGEMENT MATTERS - GENERAL MANAGER HARNESSES POSITIVE ENERGY AMID INDUSTRY GLOOM At Kindle Autoplaza in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, business is better than at many car dealerships around the nation. New and used vehicle unit sales were off just 9 percent last year compared to 2007. That follows a decline of 6 percent in 2007 versus a year earlier. "It's not great but I know a lot of our fellow...

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Car Dealer Insider Feb 1, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Feb 1, 2009 - What's working in dealerships - Dealerships reap big IT cost savings by using MSPs

WHAT\'S WORKING IN DEALERSHIPS - DEALERSHIPS REAP BIG IT COST SAVINGS BY USING MSPS Remember this number: $105,700 Dealership managers have spent the last twelve months or more looking for ways to cut operating expenses and dealership owners probably think they have covered all their expense-cutting bases. But dealers who have not investigated an MSP have missed a huge opportunity to save money....

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Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Feb 15, 2009 - Automotive Retailing on the Web enters its next phase

AUTOMOTIVE RETAILING ON THE WEB ENTERS ITS NEXT PHASE Terms like "skinned microsite," "Wordpress," and "organic referral sources" may be old news for the more technically savvy among us, but we'll wager that for most car dealers, and for _Car Dealer Insider, the terms are new and something of a mystery. Yet they represent the present and the future of online auto retailing. So what are these concepts...

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Car Dealer Insider Mar 1, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Mar 1, 2009 - Merger of two lenders offers retail financing alternatives for car dealers

MERGER OF TWO LENDERS OFFERS RETAIL FINANCING ALTERNATIVES FOR CAR DEALERS Count _Car Dealer Insider among the skeptics when news reports of a tightening in the availability of credit for car buyers started to surface. For every article about customers with high credit scores being rejected by the banks and captive finance companies, there was a story from some other part of the country touting banks'...

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Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Mar 15, 2009 - Even in a down market, eBay Motors turns up the volume

EVEN IN A DOWN MARKET, EBAY MOTORS TURNS UP THE VOLUME Here's a number to ponder: 900 units. That's approximately how many used vehicles a company called Texas Direct sold on eBay Motors just last February. Texas Direct is a used vehicle retailer that specializes in sales on eBay and, in fact, the company is the highest volume dealer on eBay Motors. But still, 900 units is a big number. How about...

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Car Dealer Insider Apr 1, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Apr 1, 2009 - Michigan Chevy dealership shows how NOT to fire employees

MICHIGAN CHEVY DEALERSHIP SHOWS HOW NOT TO FIRE EMPLOYEES What happens when a car dealer unexpectedly fires all of his employees? If the employees add some alcohol, the resulting brew can be a combustible mixture, as managers at Wayland Chevrolet in Wayland, Michigan, found out. The resulting fracas was captured on video and is now making the rounds on the Internet. You can check it out on YouTube....

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Car Dealer Insider Apr 15, 2009

Car Dealer Insider Apr 15, 2009 - F&I Matter - Bi-weekly auto loan payments come out of the BHPH closet and enter mainstream dealerships

F&I MATTER - BI-WEEKLY AUTO LOAN PAYMENTS COME OUT OF THE BHPH CLOSET AND ENTER MAINSTREAM DEALERSHIPS A question for the mathematically advantaged: You borrow $1,000 at 20% interest. Which is better, paying the $1,200 principal and interest in a single payment at the end of one year or paying it off in 12 equal monthly installments of $100? That's easy. The single payment option is better for the...

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Car Dealer Insider May 1, 2009

Car Dealer Insider May 1, 2009 - Dealer suicide - Not an act of cowardice

DEALER SUICIDE - NOT AN ACT OF COWARDICE (_Editor's note: Car Dealer Insider_ is aware of several franchised dealers who took their own lives in recent months. This is a tragic response to a desperate situation. Nancy Phillips offers her perspective on the situation.) We all know what is happening to our industry today is life threatening -- but few of us have taken that in its literal sense. As...

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Car Dealer Insider May 15, 2009

Car Dealer Insider May 15, 2009 - The worst is over - Start thinking like your (future) customers and protect your online reputation

THE WORST IS OVER - START THINKING LIKE YOUR (FUTURE) CUSTOMERS AND PROTECT YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION In the last year or so, most of us have had all the bad news about auto retailing that we can take. But the most reliable indicators now show that the worst is behind us and that pent up demand for new vehicles will soon be bringing new customers into dealer showrooms. The business, nonetheless, and...

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