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Airline Weekly - April 4, 2016

Airline Weekly - April 4, 2016 - The Eskimo and the Virgin: Why mess with success? Alaska Airlines thinks buying Virgin America will keep it on top

Cover Story THE ESKIMO AND THE VIRGIN: WHY MESS WITH SUCCESS? ALASKA AIRLINES THINKS BUYING VIRGIN AMERICA WILL KEEP IT ON TOP Aside from its much smaller rival Allegiant, Alaska Airlines was the most profitable airline in the world last year, measured by operating profit margin. That’s right—in the entire world. So why, rather than just resting on its bountiful laurels, is Alaska on the verge...

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Airline Weekly - May 26, 2014

Airline Weekly - May 26, 2014 - JetBlue goes all-out in the transcon war, a war LCCs often lose

Cover Story THE FULL MINTY: JETBLUE GOES ALL-OUT IN THE TRANSCON WAR, A WAR WITH MANY LCC VICTIMS On June 15, JetBlue will start its boldest effort yet to succeed in the transcontinental market—or more specifically, the bountiful market between New York and California’s two biggest cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The airline’s new Mint product, designed just for these two routes, will...

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Airline Weekly - October 1, 2012

Airline Weekly - October 1, 2012 - California Bleeding: Once again, Virgin America lost money last quarter. Is slower growth the answer?

Cover Story CALIFORNIA BLEEDING: ONCE AGAIN, VIRGIN AMERICA LOST MONEY LAST QUARTER. IS SLOWER GROWTH THE ANSWER? Virgin America is nothing if not sexy. It’s growing lightning fast at a time when others are shrinking or stagnant. Its passengers are young, hip and well educated. Its flights touch down in the nation’s economic and cultural nerve centers. Even Silicon Valley finds its innovative...

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Airline Weekly - December 6, 2010

Airline Weekly - December 6, 2010 - America’s “Big Three” Growth Airlines: Allegiant, Virgin America and Spirit all expanding rapidly, unlike their bigger rivals

Cover Story AMERICA’S "BIG THREE" GROWTH AIRLINES: ALLEGIANT, VIRGIN AMERICA AND SPIRIT ALL EXPANDING RAPIDLY, UNLIKE THEIR BIGGER RIVALS Call them the Big Three. Lufthansa, Air France/KLM and British Airways? Emirates, Qatar and Etihad? Maybe the distribution giants Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport? No, even in their own region, these Big Three actually aren’t the biggest by most measures—except...

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Airline Weekly - March 20, 2006

Airline Weekly - March 20, 2006 - Ready for Takeoff: Virgin America Chairman Don Carty Talks with Airline Weekly

Cover Story READY FOR TAKEOFF: VIRGIN AMERICA CHAIRMAN DON CARTY TALKS WITH AIRLINE WEEKLY New airlines have come and gone in the two and a half decades since deregulation, but some startups attract more attention than others. Virgin America, which hopes to start flying from its base in San Francisco (SFO) this year, features a worldwide brand name, a strongly-capitalized balance sheet and a team...

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Airline Weekly - August 13, 2007

Airline Weekly - August 13, 2007 - The One-Week-Old Virgin: Can Virgin America’s strong brand and product overcome its many challenges?

Cover Story THE ONE-WEEK-OLD VIRGIN: CAN VIRGIN AMERICA’S STRONG BRAND AND PRODUCT OVERCOME ITS MANY CHALLENGES? Some call it promising. Others call it suicidal. But whatever its ultimate destiny, Virgin America represents the most intriguing U.S. airline startup since jetBlue began flying more than seven years ago. With just a handful of planes currently flying, Virgin America is small and will...

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